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Discovering a world of opportunities

Fully devoted to the needs of each property we represent, we combine our passion for visiting new and unique areas around the world with our experience in discovering outstanding locations that our partners will be able to add to their portfolio.


With over 20 years of experience in the luxury travel sector and by creating long-lasting relationships with our partners, we work towards the same goal which is to find the perfect product that will provide the most memorable holidays for their top clients.


Our values include reliability, reliance, integrity, efficiency, know-how and a regular follow-up for each mission that we are entrusted with. Our services are comprehensive and fully adapted to the changes that the tourism market regularly encounters.


Well aware of the very competitive market, we create tailor-made solutions which allow our partner travel agencies and tour operators to provide unique products, for which we train and assist each sales representative in order for them fully know how to promote it to the right client.


As part of our custom designed services:

- we set-up events to launch new markets or products

- we participate in all major exhibitions and events  where we present and promote the traveling experiences that are offered by our partners.

- As experts in the sector, we help with the marketing strategies : branding through new and catchy methods (use of social media, storytelling, stunning presentations)

To reach these goals, PURE LUXURY DREAMS’ leitmotiv is to be completely adaptable by offering custom-made assistance in order to establish solid and successful partnerships, catered to each of your exact needs, through the following services: 


- Management of marketing campaigns.
- Making one to one sales calls to important decision makers.
- Being present at key Trade Fairs.

- Organizing high end buyer events, workshops, forums and familiarization trips.
- Signing contracts with Tour Operators.

- Database growth and management.
- Coordinating the Tour Operators’ marketing schemes and PR events.

- Market intelligence feedback and reports.
- Posting attractive and detailed descriptions on this website, with photos, videos and promotion.

​- Evaluate and offer constructive product feedback for independent boutique hotels wishing to establish and position themselves in the luxury market.

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We carry out sales representations in Europe, America, CIS, LATAM, India and China which are focused on sourcing new business, including the contracting of tour operators. A tailor-made sales strategy is put in place for every partner making sure we create a connection to the relevant travel agents or tour operators. We also offer our agents product training and assist them by organising familiarisation trips. We attend the most important trade events and exhibitions showcasing and actively promoting the products we are proud to represent. On top of this we represent you in the events dedicated  to a sales events and can also offer outsourced services such as sales and marketing manager or director service roles.


With so many products on the market, it's important to develop a marketing strategy that will ensure your unique product is put in front of the people who are most likely to choose it. We can work with you to develop a thorough marketing strategy or, if you prefer, simply focus on one or two crucial areas that'll get you noticed. There are a wealth of opportunities for our partners. Let's work out a tailor-made strategy that'll help you get the most out of marketing and put your product firmly on the map.

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A network of opportunities

Widely established in our representation across 18 countries throughout Europe, America, CIS, LATAM, India and China, Pure Luxury Dreams have taken the initiative to partner with commercial and communication agency  in Europe to enhance the network of opportunities available to our clients. 

The Original is a team of professionals with a strong background in the different sectors.

We have the same philosophy  and they believe in teamwork, in attention to details and in achieving our goals.  

Our main goal, is to offer global services solutions (strategy + implementation) in sales, communication and marketing.


At The Original they have create customised strategies with one-off initiatives adapted to suit the needs and demands of each of our clients and the current position of each brand.

it would be a pleasure to introduce the team at The Original -

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Shaping, supporting and maintaining a compelling online presence for our clients is key. We offer a flexible approach and can tailor our services to the needs of the client, whether that’s creating inspiring content for the client’s digital channels, identifying and engaging targeted influencers or devising social media strategy. We place stories and content on news, lifestyle and specialist websites, blogs and communities and also offer comprehensive community management, where we build feeds and maintain communities on Facebook,, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more.


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