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Dreams in Qatar

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The Middle East’s largest immersive wellness destination, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is located in an exclusive private coastal location in northern Qatar. Founded on six pillars of wellbeing, it is the first world resort to blend the holistic wisdom of Traditional Arabic & Islamic medicine with modern therapies and health practices. Its mindful journeys are supported by a tranquil environment and expert consultants in state-of-the-art facilities.

Dreams in Bora Bora



Immerse yourself in the overwhelming beauty of the north coast of Qatar, from the golden sands and crystal-blue waters of its beaches to the vast desert dunes of Al Khasooma. This enchanting travel destination promises to engulf you in the raw natural beauty of the region.


Qatar has a classic desert climate with the north of the country experiencing slightly cooler temperatures. Summers are hot and dry, with temperatures regularly reaching 40 C and higher. In winter, it is mild and rains scarcely from December to April.


& Access

Al Khasooma Beach 
Al Ruwais 
Abu Dhalouf Beach and Park 
Doha City Center 
Hamad International Airport 

-minute drive
10-minute drive
20-minute drive
70-minute drive
90-minute drive

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Spanning nearly 70 acres, this five-star resort is divided between Zulal Discovery, welcoming guests of all ages, and Zulal Serenity, reserved for guests over 16 years. ‘Discovery’ is home to 20 suites and 100 rooms, featuring striking views of the sea and lagoon, luxuriously decorated with local influences.

Serenity’ showcases 13 extraordinary suites and 47 deluxe rooms. The jewel in the crown, the Qataf Suite, is home to three bedrooms, complete with a garden and swimming pool, overlooking the ocean. Prepare to indulge in extraordinary ocean views reflected by soothing sea-inspired interiors throughout our resort.

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In line with TAIM, the culinary experience at Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is underpinned by the belief that healthy eating sustains a wholesome way of life. Across the gourmet outlets of ‘Aizoon’, ‘Al Sidr’, ‘Acacia’, ‘Malbu’ and ‘Casuarina’, guests are treated to delicious, nutritious dishes that span Middle Eastern and international cuisines that boost, energy, vitality and longevity.

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Zulal "Discovery"


Zulal "Serenity"



Indoor Play

Painting, ceramics, crafts, upcycling and cooking


Outdoor Play

water games, kayaking, orienteering, gardening and dance


Holistic Treatments

Reiki, Shiroabhyanga, traditional massages


Fitness Activities

Agility and Balance, Yoga, Meditation, Swimming Lessons


Spa treatments

Manicures, Pedicures, and Crystal healing


Mind/Body – Wellness

Tai-chi, Pilates, Beach Yoga, Cooking and Mixology



Massages, Premium spa treatments, Aesthetic treatments


Natural Slimming

Fitness, Lymph Drainage, Holistic Treatments and Physio


Therapeutic Cleanse


Apothecary & Tea House

Zulal Serenity_Huzan Aesthetic Centre.jpg
Zulal Discovery_Spa_Kids Massage.jpg
Zulal Serenity_Physiotherapy_Refunctional Exercise.jpg
Zulal Discovery_Discovery Oasis_Family Outdoor Meditation.jpg
Zulal Serenity_Wellness Centre_Aqua Aerobic.jpg
Zulal Serenity_House of Wisdom_Lifestyle.jpg

Ways to 



Guests immerse in Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM) in throughout their stay. This wellness lasts into daily life beyond the escape to our resort. Dr. Mubaris provides personal readings to determine body type and personality under one of the basic elements of Fire, Water, Earth or Air.

The Perfect Day by

Pure Luxury Dreams:

Start the day in harmony with nature with yoga in the morning sun. Hear a lecture from esteemed Dr. Mubaris on TAIM (Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine) which is integrated at the resort, with your personal reading at the end.

Experience a Full Body Tadleek, a signature massage with a choice of Zulal’s herbal-infused oils for total relaxation and wellbeing.

End the day with a sunset horse ride over soft sands, which takes in the awe-inspiring beauty of the northern coastline, before an elegant dinner at Acacia where the curated menu features delicious vegan dishes.

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Zulal Serenity_Garden of Contemplation.jpg



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