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Veda Wellness Retreats aims to inspire a lasting change in people’s daily lives.


The retreats offer a personalised holistic experience derived from the combined benefits of the art and science of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, breath work, nutrition and emotional integration. The practices your clients will receive from doing our retreats will increase their independence, confidence and vitality.

A rebalanced mind-body connection creates a feeling of enhanced self-mastery to meet life's challenges.

All of VEDA's wellness elements are offered as an integral part of each Retreat and Online course. Veda means "knowledge" in Sanskrit. To VEDA, serving people with deep inner knowledge is most important, rewarding us with the chance to see them feel the beauty of life-changing experiences. With over 27 years of experience in Health and Healing we have put together a deep-rooted holistic approach, focusing on combining science with ancient practices.

VEDA's focus is to support humanity through the art and science of all the wellness facets we specialise in. By integrating these many aspects into a personalised, holistic practice, we create a healing tool, made for you and your specific needs. Whether you are brand new or highly knowlegdeable in the wellness world, VEDA can provide insightful guidance to deepen your practice and your life experience.

Meet  the team

A highly accomplished team with many years of experience in their modalities.

True experts and well-renowned in their respective fields.


Therese Skovgaard Poulsen,

Founder, Teacher

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Dr. Sujatha Kekada,

Ayurvedic Doctor

Exclusive Retreat

This exclusive retreat is tailored to the individual with limited time and is the perfect introduction to restoration and renewal through a nourishing long weekend of yoga and meditation.

This exclusive retreat is tailored to the individual with limited time and is the perfect introduction to restoration and renewal through a nourishing long weekend of yoga and meditation.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, healthful food and guided by Veda's experts, all of which will allow you to gain clarity from within and a deep sense of relaxation.


Top highlights for this retreat:

The ideal opportunity to unplug, slow down the fast pace of life and get back in touch with your true nature, by stepping away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Feel more relaxed and refreshed, both mentally and physically stronger and find inner peace.

Have a wonderful time learning a new practice and giving yourself some much-needed structure.

Retreats Format

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Exemple program: 


First two days will be intake days whereby guests will meet each expert and receive personalised information for them to follow during the retreat.


Day 1. Will embrace 2 group meetings which are guided into a treasure hunt tracking in nature which will carry messages of contemplation.


Here they will have the opportunity to meet each other and understand on a deeper level who you are. Identity of self through knowledge.


Day 2. Bike tour, seeing the beautiful surroundings of the retreat spot.

Days Three until Seven:


06:00 Breathwork

07:30 Breakfast/ Juice

08:30 Yoga

10:00 Break

11:00 Ayurveda/ Nutrition talk

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Philosophical Discussion

15:30 Break

16:30 Meditation

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Rest

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March 11th – 17th

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La Coralina - Bocas del Toro

March 24th – 27th
March 30th – April 2nd
May 14th – 17th
May 19th – 22nd

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The Oberoi, Marrakech

March 1st – 7th




May 29th – June 2nd

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