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Sevilla’s historic city centre is home to a unique place where authenticity and heritage invite you to relax.

The main courtyards are the heart of this hotel, a common space where the rhythm of the fountain invites you to daydream, bringing back a wealth of memories. The views from the rooftop are magical at any time of the day, where landscape and emotion become one.

The pebbles and the geraniums, the aspidistras and the whitewashed walls provide the balance necessary for a moment of peace and serenity.

41 rooms

Meeting spaces for up to 40 people


Azahar Restaurant

Terraza Tapas Bar

24h Room Service

BODYNA Natural Care

Massages & treatments

Outdoor rooftop swimming pool



Best Ham Cutter of Andalusia 2006

(Andalusian Ham Cutters Competition)

Best Sommelier of Andalusia 2006

(Andalusian Sommeliers Competition)

2nd Best Ham Cutter of Spain 2006

(Spanish Ham Cutters Competition)

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