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ALECRIM AO CHIADO is a boutique hotel in the heart of the most important neighbourhood of Lisbon.  It is a porject originally from the XVII century and rebuilt after the earthquake demolished Lisbon’s city in 1755.


The hotel is located at the Alecrim Street, one of the most important steets of the city and the main street that connects Lisbon’s city center and the Tagus river. After Lisbon’s earthuqake of 1755 this property was totally rebuilt with the same tiles and stones recouvered from the building. 


The ancient project is very similar to the existing nowadays.

The building used to be the house of the Pombal family (a nobel family very wellknown all over Portugal). The ground floor and first floor were the nobel areas of the house. In this level ALECRIM AO CHIADO has the best rooms with very generous areas and high ceilings: 10 Suites and Master Suites with sizes that start in 30m2 until 47m2. The ceilings were kept very high and nowadays all this rooms have 3.80m of high.  As a property of the Pombal family, the ground floor was the kitchen and the pantry of the family. The construction was made with domes that were very typival from the XVII century.

At the moment, ALECIM AO CHIADO has the restaurant and massage room is this part of the building, all with original dones and stones. During this last months Alecirm ao Chiado has bought ancient tiles panels from historical properties that were demolished. Until March 2021 all rooms will have a different and historical tiles panel. The idea is to tell the story of the Portuguese culture through this panels.



For centuries this porperty, like many other properties in this same area, belonged to Pombal family. Until 1950 it was a house of the actual Marquis of Pombal.  In 1950 this same family mooved and rented this building to the portuguese gaz company called Cidla.

Some years later Cidla mooved to other facilities and this house, transformed into an office was rented by a wine distributor.

In 1990 a marketing and publicity company called Grey rented the building to install their head office. Grey kept their head office in this same address until 2014.


In 2014 Portugal on Holidays (the mother company of ALECIRM AO CHIADO) decided to invest in this area and look for a charming place to open their first boutique hotel.  It was Love at first sight…… in 2015 the rennovation works started. The struture was original but in very good conditions.


The idea of ALECRIM AO CHIADO was to keep the soul of a family propertyand show the world how nobel portuguese families used to live.  ALECRIM AO CHIADO was totally rebuilt with the spirit of a family property. The tiles, the stones and the strairs lamp were cleaned and nowadays ALECRIM AO CHIADO is a home for tourists.

A home farway from Home.

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Rua do Alecrim, 73 1200-015 Lisboa Lisboa

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