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Mr. Travel is a Luxury based in Lisbon and offers unique tailor made travel planning and personalized luxury solutions, assuring a high standard of service and creativity.

DMC represent by Anthony Valen 

Why Portugal?


Once a maritime empire from where fearless explorers sailed to conquer the world, Portugal is currently at the top of travelers’ bucket-lists and travel awards. Following Portugal's BEST EUROPEAN TOURISTIC DESTINATION 2019, we have just won the World Travel Award for: WORLD'S LEADING DESTINATION 2019, for the 3rd year in a row and thanks to both our visitors and our homies.  

It offers history, culture, nature, food and wine on a classic approach in balance with a modern vibe. The weather and the beaches are mostly warm year-round. Crossing Portugal’s inland is fairly easy thanks to its small size (739 km / 459 mi from north to south), so you make the most of your time, but don’t be fooled by this number as there is so much to live along the way. Madeira and the Azores, both groups of islands, are also unforgettable wonders.


Why Mr.Travel Portugal-Luxury?


Mr. Travel Portugal is a Luxury Travel and Events Services company based in Lisbon and has been offering since 2001 unique tailor-made travel planning and personalized luxury solutions, assuring a high standard of service and creativity in a price-quality relation. From custom-designed private vacations to fully escorted special-interest groups, congresses or incentives, Mr. Travel Portugal specializes in satisfying your discriminating taste for the ultimate experience.


A passionate, solid, handful of exclusive in-house Advisors work alongside guides, transportation, food&lodging and experience providers picked meticulously upon a criterion of commitment with providing only the exceptional and aiming for the return of their clients.

Access to local & hot:

Only a team based in Portugal can have permanent direct access to what’s best & new and maintain connection with the locals whether it is a Michelin-star, a royalty member, a sports-idol, an acclaimed artist or a down-to-earth-non-googlable person at the true origin of one of this country’s great productions. 


Within reach

Even with Mr. Travel’s Triple Check System, staying close by for a client’s special need is always remarkability at another level.

BUILDING’S AND LAND’S ARCHITECTURE Here, outstanding monuments, castles and churches meet futuristic new buildings and technologies while ancient traditions are upheld as vigorously as new trends are embraced. Portugal is also a country of marked regional diversity, with the lush forests and mountain ranges of the north and center contrasting greatly with the arid plains and coastline beaches of the south.


ACCESS At the western tip of Europe and easy to reach from any corner of the world, Lisbon and Porto airports welcome direct flights on a daily and regular basis.

The capital is also a must stop-over for many cruise circuits.

On the other hand, Portugal is provided with a modern set of highways and railway tracks.


TEMPERATURE Portugal is an ideal year-round destination due to its mild climate during the 12 months. With long summers, warm spring and autumn months and relatively moderate winters it barely only varies in regional disparities. Even when most European cities are freezing, the temperatures here rarely go below 10oC/50oF.


SAFETY Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world and Lisbon was even elected the safest capital of Europe by the European Safety Observatory.


FOOD & WINE & PARTY Amazing food to be paired with some of the best wines in the world, including famous Rose and Port wines of course. On top of it Portugal has a thrilling nightlife which will take you until the morning after.... In a different tone and tune, an evening with UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the Fado music, is also unique.


SPORTS Speaking of awards, as home to Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest soccer players of all time, a ticket to a national team’s game is a must. Furthermore, stunning landscapes and a cool climate all year round provide golfers one of the world’s best destinations for the modality. Water wise, tailwinds offer brutal, giant, perfect and even magical waves at one of Europe’s biggest surf destinations but also provide a unique experience for practitioners of various other sports and levels.


CENTURIES OF HISTORY AND CULTURE Portugal has a rich culture dating back to prehistoric times, seen in the colorful Celtic-influenced folklore of the north, in the Moorish-influenced Fado music, in its romantic language, distinctive architecture (including its dazzling azulejos and calçadas), paintings and distinguished literature, not to mention its people who have spread its culture around the world ever since the Age of Discovery, and its intriguing History.