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Monsieur George in Champs-Elysées

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Step in the quintessential Parisian stone facade, pass through the stately art deco doors, walk under the Anouska Hempel signature lighting and you’ve finally arrived. Welcome chez Monsieur George, your elegant home away from home. We’re happy to have you.

Through the extraordinary lobby, you’ll find the resto-bar, Galanga (assuming you didn’t enter through the restaurant’s street entrance) where you will be instantly taken with the cosy and intimate atmosphere, filled with natural light, flora and fauna anchored in majestic materials: cool marble, sumptuous velvet, glistening glass mirrors... You’re not lost, you’re simply somewhere else...

Now close your eyes and imagine...

Clad in an emerald green velvet blazer with his elegant walking stick by his side, our always dashing host, Monsieur George, has just had lunch. Scattered around him are the morning papers from all over the world and he jots down ideas and inspirations jubilantly in his crocodile embossed diary while the ever-attentive staff maintain their uninterrupted to-ing and fro-ing. The enticing aroma of espresso drifts over from the bar where a “madeleine” awaits him on an actual silver platter...

Another day in the life of Monsieur George has begun!

Thoughtful, sleek yet welcoming, the rooms have been designed with comfortable elegance in mind, appealing to all tastes and fancies. Business or pleasure, work or play, family time or solo self-care, day-time tourist or night- loving social butterfly, there’s (a) room for everyone chez Monsieur George. Impeccably kept yet filled with warmth, not one is like another (and with all there is to see and do in Paris, Monsieur George’s rooms provide the ideal spot to put your feet up, relax and prepare for your next adventure!).

Welcome Chez Monsieur George

The characteristics of the rooms


There are 46 rooms and 3 suites occupying this 6-floor hotel.

Each floor has its own unique vibe, each room its singular style and charm.

The Chequer Rooms


Aptly named after the 16th century country house and traditional summer home of all the French Prime Ministers. (Even Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady herself, spent the “most marvellous summer of her 11-year reign” there). Roomtones in black and soft brown, as though an ancient chess board was transformed into a hotel room; the floors are alternating squares giving these rooms an ambience all their own.

The Windsor Rooms

An homage to the Duke of Windsor and his beloved Wallis Simpson, are decked out in greyhound-coloured velvet and silver taffeta from floor to ceiling. These one of a kind rooms evoke glamour and romance, just like the famous couple once did!

The top floor houses the Benjamin Franklin Rooms and Suites.

They are almost in the clouds which, incidentally, provides the celestial design inspiration for these luxes spaces. Pale and romantic, these rooms are multi-tonal white with touches of pale grey and are accentuated by gauzy curtains embossed with the flowers of Kerala that billow in front of windows opening onto rooftop terraces.

Garden Suite

Last but not least, the 45m2 duplex a sanctuary of natural tranquility inspired by Marly, neighbour to Versailles where Louis 14th loved to take walks with his friends and courtesans, multiple shades of green textiles envelope this suite while the tantalising scent of jasmine fills its rooms....

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Where Imagination Goes


Knowing that it would take an extraordinary personality to breathe life
into this special project, the hotel’s owners chose one of the most mysterious, inspired and talented designers in the world – Anouska Hempel.
She was given the task of creating Monsieur George as a timeless yet modern hotel, bar and restaurant, offering a “family home” atmosphere within the busy milieu of Paris’s 8th arrondissement.


A refined yet lively atmosphere where well-heeled locals and travellers alike flock to relish memorable moments from breakfast to lunch, tea time to cocktail hour,

dinner to the wee hours…

At the resto-bar Galanga, named after a rare Indoniesian ginger-like plant, you will find fifty seats dispersed within an understated and elegant space infused with Turkish-Moroccan influences (think compact tables, cosy couches, beautiful but not overdone). Under the domed ceiling, flooded with natural light, descends a chandelier in the shape of a birdcage, illuminating day or night the restaurant and its bar nestled within.

Conceived by young, creative, vivacious duo Head Chef Thomas Danigo and Sous Chef Simon Pinault are both under 30, the menus are ever-changing. They offer wide-ranging dishes from the classic and traditional to the modern and innovative, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience for every taste.

After spending a few years in Canada, Thomas Danigo is an experienced globetrotter and has accumulated a vast culinary repertoire. His first job was in a high- end restaurant where he became a finalist in the Meilleur Apprenti de France competition. He went on to work under the tutelage of Chef Alain Pegouret at the Michelin starred restaurant, Laurent, where he started as commis de cuisine and in just five years was promoted premier second.

It was no accident that he crossed paths with Simon Pinault , whom he now considers a brother and who is his right hand and sous chef at the Monsieur George.

The Galanga Menu at a Glance: Served in either the restaurant or the bar, a little taste of what you can find on Galganga’s menus: To start with there is prawn ravioli, yellowtail carpaccio or organic avocado tacos sprinkled with herbs from Monsieur George’s garden, followed by galanga and coconut milk cod with asian mushrooms or 21-day aged beef with a nori teriyaki sauce. And finally, pears poached in honey and Sakura, fior di latte ice cream or almond milk rice pudding topped with roasted mangoes.

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