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Pug Seal is a boutique hospitality seal.

An experience which combines the best qualities of a Boutique Hotels with a Bed & Breakfast through a multi-property guest experience with unbeatable locations in Mexico City.



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In one of the most populated cities of the world. A city where you can find anything you want, and what you never expected. A city of endless options. Pug Seal’s guarantee is that you will feel at home.  We want you to seal your experience in our four properties in Mexico City. With three collections in the prestigious neighborhood of Polanco; on Allan Poe, Tennyson, and Anatole France. This area is known for being the best place to shop, eat in world-class restaurants, surrounded by neocolonial architectural scenes.

The fourth piece of the collection is in the bohemian neighborhood of Coyoacan, perfect for a city escape get away, and longer stays.

It’s a seal, not a chain. We believe hospitality is more than a room, we offer full properties, where our guests can use all communal areas of the properties.

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Every Pug Seal, is a sanctuary inside the city, in architecture and design and friendly service. In our four locations, we welcome our guests to feel at home, in uniquely designed spaces surrounded with modern art, offering the perfect setting for any mood. Accompanied by a very personal service, because for us, you are part of the family.


Collection of Properties

We are a collection of homes that offer boutique hospitality for a unique travel experience, each property is inspired in different moments in time for México.


The hotel collection gathers in each one of its properties a unique privacy and intimate experience, like a sanctuary inside Mexico City. In every Pug Seal property, each space is designed uniquely.
The friendly personal service, and the combined commodities of being in boutique hotel.

Pug Seal Tennyson

Is inspired in the power of feelings that distinguish Mexicans, represented through the names of each room, such as love, joy, bravery, fortune, hope and more.  The influence of impressionism design is intended for you to feel the delightful warmth of being in a vintage neo-baroque style Californian home. This is the most private property of the collection, with only 11 rooms. Ideal for romantic stays and honeymooners, and privacy lovers.

The Mexican knows that love is the feeling that drives the sense of life, always in his search for the feeling of ecstasy and euphoria, he is brave thanks to the certainty that hope brings, because he knows being alive is a fortune, to which one must live in enjoyment, hand in hand, with serenity, joy and sensitivity, as goals, living in admiration of everything that surrounds him and valuing those moments of relaxation to appreciate life.

Pug Seal Allan Poe

Is inspired in the pre-hispanic god, Quetzalcoatl, and the connection to mother earth. This property is one of the favorites for business travel, taking comfort to the next level, to make you feel at home away from home. With 21 rooms and in the heart of Polanco.

Pug Seal Anatole France

The concept is inspired by the European families and the cultural lineage they brought to the contemporary Mexico, these cultures are behind the architecture of the most predominant houses in Polanco.

With 26 rooms and diverse common areas to enjoy through out more than three thousand square foot property.

And due to their proximity, the perfect day attainable, because our guests can use all the common areas of any one of these extraordinary homes.

Pug Seal Coyoacan

is inspired by the national hero Belisario Dominguez, and award given by the Senate of the Republic to those who achieve extraordinary breakthrough in science and culture, symbolizing freedom of expression. This property is surrounded with beautiful trees as old as 300 years, a warm pool and grill, this is without doubt the perfect space to extend your stay or even for longer stays as a space for creative development.

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We are taking care of the smart traveler, the one who doesn’t sacrifice comfort, or privacy, on any account, and knows that luxury, is more than lining, it’s a feeling of wellbeing and safety.   For your stay in this majestic city, we can assist you with our concierge services to make all your travel desires come true; with an easy-to-use QR access intranet system that makes you part of the Pug Seal world for the full Pugger experience. We can assist with reservations at the best restaurants, and a city guide of Pug Seal’s cultural and recreational suggested activities, such as private tours at the Modern Museum of Art and in The National Anthropology and History Museum. Even count on us for catering for private events for our guests. Our guests can also enjoy a weekly agenda of activities and events that take place in each hotel, around music, art, and fashion, for the Pug Seal community.



- Unbeatable locations in the heart of Polanco and the heart of Coyoacán.

- Use of all common areas of all properties provides a multi-property travel experience in Mexico City.

- Each space in each property is unique.

- Mexican concept: Each property in the collection yields tribute to different times in Mexico and the characteristics of the contemporary Mexican.

- Each property is a sanctuary within the City of Mexico.

- Intimacy and privacy within the hotels.

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