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With over 25 years of experience in luxury travel we provide a varied and wide range of services: from exclusive experiences encompassing the best of Italian culture, life-style, culinary discovery to a portfolio of the most beautiful hotels, villas and apartments.

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Italian Journeys was founded in 1997 and has been providing bespoke luxury travel to Italy for discerning clients from all over the world, bringing together a wonderful collection of hotels and a long-established network of the best people on the ground to ensure a unique experience for travellers. In 2010 Italian Journeys joined Protravel International who is now part of the Travel Leaders Group, one of the largest travel companies in the US.

We are a young and innovative team of Italians from varied Italian regions and bring together a wealth of in-depth knowledge of all areas of Italy.  We have all travelled extensively throughout Italy and experienced its contrasting culture, people and culinary delights in all its forms. This knowledge and the experiences we have gained and enjoyed throughout the years helps us to deliver a unique experience to our clients.

We are an upscale tour operator specializing in bespoke travel to Italy.

Our business model or approach is shaped by our desire to provide the best experience for our clients - this is the focus of our endeavour. Fishing for unique ideas and exciting clients with what’s on offer in our portfolio. Apart from the selling process we provide a concierge service from the moment the clients land in Italy until the time they depart. This is managed by i-message, whatsapp, viber or email. The client can send a simple message to us and we respond within minutes with full details of their request. Typical requests can be: book me a table for dinner tonight at a restaurant with views of Rome, add an extra luxury boat tour for tomorrow morning, my wife lost her passport, find a hospital for my husband, we are on call for any requests and the beauty of this service is that they only need to talk to one person throughout their trip to solve or help with any issues or requests they have. Our clients rave about this service as they feel they can talk or even chat to a person that knows their exact travel schedule. With this method we also stay in touch with clients to remind them of their daily services, pick up times and also the name of the guide or driver that will meet them. We are in the “thought process” of creating a unique app to stay in touch with our clients during their trip. 


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