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INARA CAMP is the sixth luxury camp designed and created by Vincent JAQUET.

 It is the result of 15 years of experience in desert areas of Morocco,  to live an  unique and unforgettable experience of a glampping night in the desert. 



Marrakech is a fascinating city,  only in a few hours flight from the biggest European capitals, it offers you a total change of scenery and an exceptional sweet life. Its medina (ancient city) full of life, colors and a friendly population that contrasts with GUELIZ and its modernity. But the most beautiful thing about Marrakech still remains its surroundings. Indeed in a radius of forty kilometers nature offers us a dazzling show,and generous life full of emotions. The Atlas Mountains offer an immediate contrast with the desert of AGAFAY. In a few hours, Morocco shows you its most beautiful overviews and delight you with happiness.

The desert of Agafay is a mineral desert that stretches for more than 20 km, amazing micro climate at the foot of  Atlas montains with a climatic conditions  close to the Sahara. Here no sand dunes but a stony relief very soft with breathtaking landscapes, different lights all day and snowy peaks in background scenery. You are only 40 km ( less than one hour) from Marrakech.

Description of our camp:

7 tents with panoramic view, known as ‘emotion’ tents.

1 tent known as discovery tent.

3 luxurious suite tents with canyon views, called ‘INARA’ tents.


All tents offer an ultimate  level of comfort and are fitted with electricity outlets.

The characteristics of tents

  • Tent between 25 - 36 m2

  • King size bed

  • Desk

  • lounge

  • Electricity 24 hours a day 

  • Bathroom with hot water and toilet

  • Orange blossom ‘nectarome’ welcome products, Argan oil soap, and hair dryer

  • Private terrace with sun lounger

  • Double or twin bed, extra bed and cot

  • New! wood stove (only emotion and Inara tents). 

  • New! air cooler (only emotion and Inara tents). 

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All our excursions and activities are organized in collaboration with local companies that respect a strict and rigorous code of ethics in order to ensure your pleasure, safety and respect for the environment and humans. Respect for labour law, regulations, insurance, refusal to employ children, human development and women’s equality.
Our animals are monitored by veterainer   (vaccines, treatments, insurance) and perfectly fed.


Camel Ride

Camel Trekking

Quad Ride

Buggy Ride

Horse Riding

Mountain Bike

Safari 4x4

Relaxing Massage


SOUKOUNE is a unique restaurant concept in the Agafay desert. On 2 Hectares, 7 private tents to welcome you and make you live a wonderful experience. Exclusivity, privatization thanks to the Soukoune you have the desert only for you. Each tent welcomes your table with a sunshade tent on the outside with a lounge to enjoy the scenery. The campfire, candles for a romantic atmosphere guaranteed.

Breakfast Pierre Herme with camel ride at Sunrise

Breakfast in Private Tent with camel ride at Sunrise

Luch Private Tent

Lunch in the La Sultane Tent

Dinner in Private Tent

Dinner in the La Sultane Tent

Bespoke Desert Experiences

Agafay desert - Marrakech light



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Desert d'Agafay Route de Mhamid, Agafay 40000, Morocco

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