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Like goldsmiths, crafting your dreams, we create the exceptional. The adornment is made with the Moroccan gems, step by step, in a soft way.

Sales and Marketing Luxury Hotels and DMC

Each trip is conceived like a jewel with our label Escales Signature. Like luxury gem setters that design to the last details, create a unique and precious piece, delivered with the long-lasting moments of refinement, passion and poetry .


Imagining, conceiving, selecting, mixing and matching the most beautiful phases of a journey in Morocco then personalizing and harmonizing it all to meet your finest desires.
Anticipating the client’s needs and dreams in order to accomplish extraordinary events.

 Seeking for exclusive experiences to build innovative incentives and corporate programs.


Our Values 

It all started with our innate passion for travelling, for being open to other cultures, for being tolerant and from our profound desire to discover the world. Just as a handcrafter would with his best creation, we know that by harmonizing expertise, attention and precision with challenge, luxury and sophistication, perfection is always the final result.


Our creators design unique journeys, in order to anticipate our clients’ wishes, to surprise them, and let them discover the world differently, thanks to unusual experiences.
Combined with elegance, it gives meaning to luxury.

Attention to details, our Escales Signature represents the trust that we put in our ambassadors. They subtly invite each traveler to enjoy highly emotional journeys.

Our ambassadors at Escales Signature guarantee the services we provide which can only be done through close ties with them and with our clientele.

Who we are

This is faith, no doubt! France, Madagascar, Morocco, such distant places and yet, two women, from opposite sides of the world,

whose paths were never meant to cross but whose destiny did!

Cyndie was born in Antibes, in the South of France. As a child she would spend her time browsing through travel magazines, dreaming of the next journey with her family. Exotic places, different colours, people and smiles. After discovering a lot of countries, she fell in love with Morocco.

The oriental soul, the fragrances, the warm welcome, the flavours, the colours, everything was as fascinating as in a fairy tale story, just as in the famous “Tales of the Arabian nights”. She realized that her dreams can come true in this magical country. Her natural taste for beauty, elegance, luxury, and her passion convinced her that she should share these unique moments with others and be able to create exceptional experiences for other travelers.

Soa finds sophistication in simplicity. Her talent comes from her sense of observation and her curious nature. She has this increasable inner ability to spot beauty in places that one may consider as ordinary.

Living life to the fullest, she enjoys every moment. Soa was born in the mysterious island of Madagascar, the meeting point of two fantastic continents, Africa and Asia. Then she moved to Morocco where she started to make her dreams come true.

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