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Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet

“We are your gateway to the Himalayas!”


Luxury Hotel Representation by Anthony Valen



Dharma Adventures is a creative, safety conscious and hands-on travel agency operating in Nepal. I have used them on a dozen occasions with groups both large and small, and with both high-end and low-end budgetary considerations. They never failed to deliver on everything that was promised, and always went the extra mile to ensure that everyone left in happy, healthy and satiated states to body and mind. And on the few occasions when a group member had a personal challenge, such as a lost passport, Dharma Adventures never failed to send in the cavalry and come to the rescue.

We have offices set up in Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan to ensure that our clients have a smooth transition when undertaking a multi destination holiday in this region. Our knowledge and experience in the Himalayas make us a reliable and trusty partner. We are positive, forthcoming, flexible and strive for perfection. We look to build programs that will satisfy all travelers and adventure seekers. On a journey with us there will be plenty of all that is good and desirable: magnificent scenery, excellent equipment, knowledgeable guides, ethnic cuisine, sturdy vehicles, maximum safety, clean environs and cheerful disposition. The serene beauty offered by the Himalayas is no doubt one of nature’s greatest creations and can be lived and enjoyed in a short span of time that you will spend with Dharma Adventures.      


Bespoke Holidays

 We continue to passionately go beyond the itinerary and take special care of our clients’ every need. Dharma has fostered enduring relationships with our immeasurable experience and unrivalled expertise. Every holiday we create is specifically custom made to suit each of our guests’ explicit requirements.  Every intricate detail of the journey is thoroughly scrutinized and planned.



Social Give Back

In addition to our business, Dharma Adventures consider it vital to give back to our society and communities by being involved in many social and philanthropic projects that we support through our social profit company, Dharma Karma Society. Some of Dharma Karma Society’s initiatives include monthly donations to orphanages and supporting families with children who are affected by HIV. Dharma also funds the 'Bicycle for Girls' initiative, that sponsors education to girls in Chitwan, Nepal. Pawan Tuladhar, Founder & Owner, Dharma Adventures is the director and trustee of the 'Himalayan Buddhist Meditation Center', a center dedicated to cultivating wisdom and compassion through the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism in Kathmandu, Nepal. The center is affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT).

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