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Curumim Eco Cultural Tours is a company focused on cultural and ecological tourism

DMC representative by Anthony Valen


Focused on delivering the best travel programs that match each client‘s profile, our partners are selected among the best whether in terms of transportation and other travel services. Our company specializes in local activities, but Curumim can also provide flights, accommodation and transfer reservations.

Whether you choose the coast, the countryside, or big cities, our mission is to create a memorable experience taking into consideration each place’s unique attributes. We select a variety of activities for our clients, which ensure enriching exchanges, time to think and reflect, space to connect and most all, have fun and enjoy every moment, in any region chosen. We have identified the most famous places to visit and have added our unique touch to turn them into amazing experiences. We can also offer tailor-made packages, taking into account the specific desires and needs of any group.



Eco Cultural Tours is a company focused on cultural and ecological tourism, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The name Curumim in Tupi-Guarani native indigenous stands for child, young kid, representing the joys of discovering amazing sensations for the first time. Our goal is therefore motivated by spontaneity and curiosity. We develop tours that provide travelers with a unique and engaging opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge while experiencing nature and cultural attractions on every route and each destination. Our team is prepared to offer an ambiance build on friendship, professionalism, respect and care.  Feel the adventure and come travel with us!

Our guides are multilingual and specialized in various domains, such as history, geography, geology and botanic. We are therefore able to offer all kinds of activities to fit the interests and traveling expectations of any groups. As for our office environment, being a small, highly experienced company, we guarantee the quality of services that you are looking for. Our dedicated professional partners communicate regularly with our clientele, in order to make sure that all of their needs are addressed before and during their holidays.

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