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Costa Brava

Alàbriga Hotel with its excellent service to ensure a luxury experience unique in all senses, not only in accommodation, but also in gastronomy, leisure and wellness.



ALÀBRIGA Hotel & Home Suites is a Grande Luxe category hotel with its restaurants, SPAs, boutique, swimming pools, library with a fireplace … It’s a dream brought to life. A dream about a place where a family with kids, a loving couple, or a company of old friends can forget about their daily worries and enjoy every minute spent together. A dream about a place where you will make yourself at home: secure, happy, and comfortable.

This hotels is a territory of art, design, and refined taste.
It is a crossroads of cultures from various countries from around the world, where art exhibitions, fashion defiles, literature soirees, open-air performances and many other original activities are held. It is the place for meeting renowned masters and new talents of Spain and other countries.

It is a dream of the perfect family rest

Everything in ALÀBRIGA is devoted to it: every piece of interior, every object, light, sound, aroma, and, certainly, the people; here you will not see happenstance or common solutions anywhere: from the works of modern art to the thoughtful butlers, from the taste of wine to our DJ. Because we love our business and know what a perfect world-class hotel service means.

We offer a unique selection of adventures prepared in the community of experienced travelers and locals who decided to discover the secret places of Catalonia only for our clients. You can get unforgettable experiences and vivid impressions under the guidance of experienced instructors and individual guides. The main hero of each adventure will only be you, after all, before the start of the trip, we will adapt it specifically to your liking and according to your wishes. Discover the beauty of Catalonia and live unforgettable moments with us!



Carretera de Sant Pol, 633, 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona, España

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